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Step 1: open the Roblox Editor. 2: Create a fresh task in Roblox. 3: go through the menu icon. Step: Select Mod Menu. Action 5: Now you can create your menu. Action 6: Create a menu of any size and select where you need to show the menu. Step 7: you will drag and drop products on the menu. Step 8: Add yours icons to your menu. Action 9: Drag and drop your personal content onto your menu. Step 10: you will add more tabs to your menu. Action 11: Create your very own menu icons.

Action 12: Now your menu is prepared. Action 13: you will drag and drop items to your menu. Action 14: Now you can modify your things and edit how big your menu. Action 15: Step 16: Step 17: you can now drag and drop your products onto the menu. Action 18: you will make your very own menu icons. Now, you are likely to wish to click on Done. Now, you are going to wish to go through the icon that’s right close to you. Now, you are likely to want to start the App Store.

You will want to click on the symbol that’s right alongside you. Now, you are likely to desire to go right to the App Store. Now, you will desire to scroll down and you’re planning to desire to click My Apps. Now, you are likely to desire to click Redeem Code. Now, you are going to want to select Generate Code. Hope that can help! EDIT: Now i will be capable make a mod menu! – Simply click Menu Button, there is a tab on right with Menu, Sound, Game and Bots. – click the following webpage Music, then Music Mod.

– select music. You ought to see Music. – select music, then music mod. I attempted getting the mod menu right here: But whenever I try to run it, it claims “Error in primary. What do I do to download this mod menu? I became able to get this mod menu employed by me. First of all, go directly to the site for this mod. Then, select Download Mod. Download it to your desktop and unzip it. Once you unzip the mod, you will see a folder. Open the mod folder.

You will see a folder called “content”. Open this folder. You’ll see a folder called “mods”. Start the “mods” folder. You will see a folder called “roblox-tool-mod-menu”. You’ll see a file called “roblox-tool-mod-menu.xml”. Choose your desired choices. When the game has been exposed, you can start to see the mod menu. You can find multiple options that you can choose from, including: brand new Menu. Add-Ons. Install Add-Ons. Save Add-Ons. Delete Add-Ons.

Exit. To get mod menu Xbox Roblox, select choice you would like to make use of, and press the Xbox key to make use of it. You can access the mod menu once again by pressing Options on your own Xbox controller, then scrolling to the Mod Menu section and selecting the required choice.

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